Our Venues

The Wagga Wagga Railway Heritage Association operates four venues around the Wagga rail precinct. Click below to view more information and photos of these venues The Wagga Wagga Railway Station museum is located on the historic Wagga Wagga Station platform. Because of the restriction of space we also have two other larger sheds of railway trikes and equipment. Also we have from 2021-2023 we have refurbished the 1881 Railway Enginemen's Barracks in Railway Street. This building restoration has now being established as a museum display and meeting site for our association. We can only show all these buildings with organised tours due to volunteer numbers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life Membership Awarded 06/11/2018 by Wagga Rail Heritage to Phil Horwell – President & Robert Gannon – Vice President, have been in those positions for eleven years were awarded life membership for their outstanding contribution towards the association. Their dedication in establishing the organisation is a credit to them. The first meeting was in 2007, formally established 2008 and opened the Station Museum on 1st June 2009 for two days a week The museum is now opened four days a week as well as two gang sheds near the Wagga Wagga Railway Station. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MISSION STATEMENT The Wagga Wagga Rail Heritage Association aims to tell the story of the Great Southern Railway, focusing on the Riverina Region; by collecting, conserving and displaying our railway memorabilia

Station Museum - Click on photo

Gang Sheds - Click on photo

Rest House - Click on photo